The General Structure of the Academy


  1. Board of Directors: The Academy’s senior authority responsible for managing all related affairs, setting policies, strategies and plans, starting programs and issuing budgets.


  1. Board of Experts: An elite group of professors, experts and specialists responsible for the technical aspects and ensuring the sustainable development and improvement of the institution and its programs as well as evaluating its performance.


  1.  Executive Management and Relevant Departments: Various integrated technical departments and executive offices, striving to meet the goals and implement plans and programs.

Action Policies

  1. Systems and performance are driven by institutionalization, professionalism and efficiency.
  2. Programs, projects and initiatives are characterized by creativity, excellence and development.
  3. Independence, openness and effective communication with all, and getting inspired by pioneering experiences in the world.
  4. Improving service and sustainable evaluation of systems, programs and resources.
  5. Exchange expertise, coordination and ongoing cooperation with institutions operating in the same field.