About us

Company name
International Academy for Leadership and Development "IATD".
Who are we?
A group of students and the Iraqi young resident scholarship to study in various countries around the world, we work to establish the "International Academy of leadership and Altmanip" (IALD), at this critical stage and exceptional in Iraq's history, to build a bright future, bypassing all the obstacles, and the pain of reality and the brunt of the plight of our country and our people.
Foundation kicks off:
ü strong spirit.
ü deep understanding.
ü footsteps and confident.
ü and ambitious vision.
Occupying their service and the care and development of outstanding students and incompetent, explorers of the capabilities and leadership for young investors energies, to build future leaders at the level of the state and society.
Saon and to build bridges of cultural interaction with the world, for the transfer of experience and expertise, including return on our sophistication and prosperity.