Participation of (IALD) students's in the International student cultural festival in Istanbul

The participation of more than 59 countries and attended by thousands of different countries of the world, the students of  'The International Academy for Leadership and development (IALD)  In the events of the cultures establishment by World Federation of Student Organizations in the Turkish city of Istanbul. For the year 2017. The Iraqi people's heritage characterized by the tabernacle of the fashion and Archaeological exhibits artifacts and eat and sweets Iraqi line engraving and embossing and theatrical Iraqi folklore and other. Visitors to the tent has praised the great level of Iraqi organization and what the Iraqi culture of diversity of contributions and heritage and value judgment.
And students of The International Academy for Leadership and development (IALD)  will participate in the closing ceremony in the presence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and representatives from different countries of the world.


May 17